The Nurture Center is Twin Parks’ 6-week infant and toddler program for parents and caregivers to accompany their child in play, exploration and learning.

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Our six weekly topics include:

Story Time


Sensory Play




Program Details

Our Infant and Toddler Coordinator will introduce children and adults to the Montessori method and philosophy, teaching developmentally appropriate activities for babies and toddlers.

  • 6-week sessions
  • 90-minute class, one day a week
  • 0-36 month old children
  • Open to dads, moms, grandparents and other caregivers
  • Sessions are held in Twin Parks’ Upper West Side campus

The Nurture Center at Twin Parks

202 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10025

T: 646-846-6421

What Parents are Saying

We all want to raise smart, independent, happy, kind, well-behaved children. The Nurture Center helped show me how, by teaching me an entirely new and improved way of interacting with my son. Most parent-child classes I researched simply provide a forum for interactive play, which I can do for free at home. At the Nurture Center, we are both learning: he through interactive, multi-age group play, and I through parental guidance in the Montessori method. If you are interested in bringing out the best in your child while you both have some fun, then the Nurture Center is for you.

Adrienne Eason

We started the Nurture Center's program when our son, Nolan, was eight months old, and we quickly implemented several of the program's suggestions in an effort to enhance his learning, play and observation environment at home. As a result, he's become much more independent and in control of what he's open to learning and how he chooses to play.

James and Chantelle Collins

Join our community, create friendships and build a strong network of mutual support for children and caregivers.

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The Nurture Center is a program of